AG race is vital to Pennsylvania

Heather Heidelbaugh is an accomplished attorney that will serve our commonwealth well as attorney general.

Shouldn’t the attorney general be a lawyer who’s actually practiced law?

This race is vital to our commonwealth’s future. Heidelbaugh reveres our constitution, our civil and religious liberties, and the values that are unique to America.

She will be a champion for our commonwealth’s motto of virtue, liberty and independence.

I’ve met Heidelbaugh on two separate occasions. She’s genuine, compassionate and of character to be attorney general.

Heidelbaugh will be tough on criminals who harm our families and our communities — and she’ll work daily to be an advocate for law and order in Pennsylvania.

When times get tough and constitutional matters arise, Heidelbaugh won’t be missing in action like her opponent.

I stand with Heather Heidelbaugh, and I ask that you do the same on election day.

Jesse J. Ickes



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