Unions shouldn’t push Dems’ agenda

I spent 26 years as a union member (UMWA, UPIU, IBEW).

Unions pushed for safety, decent wages, better working conditions and provided guidance at election time.

We were recommended to vote Democrat. The Democrats support the non-sustainable “New Green Deal” that would stop fracking, close power plants (coal, refuse and gas fired) and eliminate many jobs. (The few solar/wind jobs won’t replace them).

We cannot operate on just renewable energy in the near future (California’s rolling blackouts?). Look at PJM.com and you’ll see a small portion of our power is a renewable source. (7,243 megawatts of 196,738 megawatts).

Yet Democrats push forward the misguided agenda that cannot be sustained. They attack capitalism, but capitalism made our nation prosperous. Have you ever been hired by a poor man?

Hopefully, union leaders see through the lies and will not recommend members vote Democratic. If they do, say no and vote accordingly.

John Weaver



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