Trump has delivered on what he promised

Now that the convention is over, let’s take a look at the items that were addressed and exactly how they will be implemented.

No specifics mentioned.

No timetable mentioned.

No costs mentioned.

Political parties have long promised Americans everything and delivered nothing. Sure, they have done plenty to increase their family’s wealth but have done nothing for their constituents.

Joe Biden says he is going to unite our country. How?

Since the beginning of time, no country has ever been united.

How about telling the American voter how you will achieve your wish list?

I do know that the present administration has provided more jobs for all, increased workers incomes, restored our position in the world and brought factories back to America.

Like him or not, President Donald Trump achieved what he promised.

Better to stick with a winner, than switch to an opponent who hasn’t accomplished anything.

Gary Lascoli



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