Trump has broken many of his promises

Which alternate universe does Gary Lascoli reside?

In his letter last week, he describes how President Donald Trump has delivered on his promises.

Trump promised the coronavirus would go away without a vaccine.

He said if elected president, he would not have time to play golf. He said he would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something “beautiful.”

He said he would cut your taxes.

He said he wouldn’t cut Social Security like every other Republican and “I’m not going to cut Medicaid and Medicare.”

He promised anyone who wanted a test for COVID-19 would get one.

He promised to eliminate the federal deficit. He promised to drain the swamp.

I could go on. Lascoli also denigrated Democrats for not having a plan, to which I retort, visit the DNC homepage and read what the planks are of the Democratic Party for the 2020 election.

Michael J. Stubler



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