Trump fulfills his own agenda

Why does President Donald Trump call fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers?”

Because he doesn’t understand anything unless it benefits him.

When visiting Arlington National Cemetery with General John Kelly, who lost his son in Afghanistan, veteran Defense Department officials reported Trump said, “I don’t get it — what was in it for them?”

This kind of transactional thinking is why Trump dodged the draft during the Vietnam War by getting a questionable diagnosis from a doctor who did it as a “favor” to his landlord, Fred Trump. Sound familiar?

While we were distracted by the impeachment hearings, New York state found the Trump Foundation guilty of “illegally misusing”

$2.8 million from a fundraiser for veterans. The Foundation had to be dissolved and Trump had to repay the $2.8 million.

No wonder Trump never called Putin to account for having put bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan, when any other president would have, plus slapped on sanctions.

What was in it for Trump?

Frances Hugg



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