Trump being blamed for way too much

To be clear, I will be voting for President Donald Trump. Also, I am sick of listening to Trump being blamed for everything.

During the past month, the only two occurrences that he escaped blame were Hurricane Esaias and the magnitude 5.1 earthquake in North Carolina.

I may be clueless, but the virus began early 2020. Shutdown began around March. We began staying home, stores and schools began closing, people who could worked from home, many lost jobs, thus, no income — and on and on until now.

Staying home with no income equals no retail shopping and stores and businesses closed, causing more unemployment.

A letter on Aug. 13 closed with “This fall President Trump has a lot of explaining to do.”

No, because our economy relies on each step working toward the next step.

I want someone to point out at which “step” President Trump failed.

Donna Hott



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