Setting record straight, for both sides of US

I am loathe to even write this letter, as few to any are open minded or persuadable people in the political climate of America these days.

However, it has become abundantly clear that many of our fellow citizens remain woefully ignorant to both facts and reality.

Be it Facebook, Fox News or the propaganda that passes as “conservative media,” leaving many people left full of fear, anger, resentment and rage. In the past it was the “terrorists,” and then ISIS, MS13 and more recently, the migrant caravans of women and children.

Now though, it is antifa and BLM masquerading as protesters, who really want to harm you and your family.

Let’s get one thing straight: These protests, which are 99% peaceful, are full of Americans. Not Black Americans, white Americans, brown Americans, red Americans or blue Americans — just Americans.

These are your fellow countrymen and women. They fight our wars, take care of our sick, teach our children and so much more. Just as conservatives have rights to rally and protest, so do progressives, independents and all others.

And they are no less American for rallying against injustices of our society.

Secondly, no one I know or have read of believes in the vast destruction of property, wanton violence or mass vandalism. These are acts of cowardice by the few, not the many.

Most of these crimes are committed by people having no affiliation whatsoever with protesters, and are merely using the movement as cover for said criminal acts.

Just as many rally to the defense of police (when one commits a heinous act of violence) with the euphemism of “One bad apple,” the same can be said for actions of a small proportion of participants in these protests.

Most importantly, Democrats and the vast majority of progressives do not want to defund the police departments of this country. Nor are they anti-police.

This is America, a nation of differences and ideas.

Both sides need to operate with in the same reality and be held accountable by facts, logic, reason and common sense. This is, sadly, not the case.

We are living through a centennial pandemic on the cusp of 200,000 dead, a staggering level of double digit unemployment, countless small business closings and so much more COVID-related sorrow.

Yet, to many, the most pressing issue of the day is “rioters, radical Marxists and flag burners.”

Yes, America is a nation of laws, but what are laws if we have no nation?

Zachary Winkler



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