No masking our ‘sad commentary’

I have tried to resist putting into words my disgust with those who have made COVID-19 a political issue. I can longer resist doing so.

These people refuse to wear masks because it is an affront to their “liberty.”

They dismissed the worldwide pandemic as a “hoax” or nothing more than the flu.

I think the saddest part is how these people dismiss the loss of almost 200,000 lives. They will let you know that those who have died were old, sick and ready to die anyway.

I lost a dear friend to COVID-19. She lived in a nursing home. I listened in dismay when the governor of Florida explained that his state is “ground zero” for nursing homes. Therefore, it is “God’s waiting room.”

Those who have lost their lives to this virus were real people. They have families and friends grieving their loss.

What is wrong with those who so easily dismiss this many deaths? Where is their empathy? I need not ask because they have none.

They are more concerned with propagating their elaborate conspiracy theories. Some of these theories are so complex that it might lead one to question if the cause of such delusions could be organic in nature.

The division in this country is so visceral.

In the past, Americans have come together in times of crisis. During World War II, people made sacrifices for the good of our country. Now, some people can’t even be bothered to wear a mask.

This is a sad commentary on American society.

I am hopeful that a safe and effective vaccine will be available in 2021. Perhaps then we can put this nightmare behind us.

Mary Anne Grove



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