Lack of lawn care is not neighborly

Fifty-seven years ago, I moved into my house in Eldorado.

Behind my property is a grass alley, which all abutting neighbors cut the grass and weeds, for it is the only access to the rear of our property because of a steep bank on the street side.

Several years ago, a new person moved in across the alley from me.

He has done nothing to trim trees, weeds and bushes that overhang the alley.

I have been trimming his overhang for years so I could cut grass. In fact, one huge pine tree would reach about five or six feet in my yard if not for me trimming it.

Several years ago, I called Code Enforcement, but nothing was done about it. I called several times this year, but again nothing again was done.

Now I am old and pay to have my grass cut. It looks like Code Enforcement is going to force me to pay someone to trim my neighbor’s overhang from the alley and eventually from my yard.

Wally Hurliman



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