Joyce, Thompson should back mail-ins

I enjoyed reading Helen M. Sheehy’s letter in which she stated that our local representatives should protect the Postal Service.

I did not enjoy reading that Glenn Thompson and John Joyce joined the lawsuit to restrict our options for mail in voting.

I was shocked when I saw Joyce’s name in that news release. He is a doctor and you would think that he would honor his oath to “do no harm.”

During this pandemic, you would think that he would try to make voting easier for the citizens of this area. His actions could make it harder for the elderly, the handicapped, the poor and other individuals who have a difficult time getting to the polls to vote.

Also, people want to protect themselves from the COVID virus. I guess he cares more about winning elections than the health of his constituents.

It does appear that the Republicans are doing all they can to restrict voting. I guess if you can’t win on your own merit, you try to cheat and destroy our democratic institutions. That sounds evil and un-American.

But you have to remember that, after the demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Donald Trump called white nationalists and Nazis “very fine people.”

Frank Phillips



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