Hypocrisy seems to follow Trump

I am perplexed by the fawning over Donald Trump by those who identify with the evangelical Christian community.

Should Christians give their support to misogyny? Should they support someone who claims not to have had to ask God’s forgiveness for anything? Should a Christian support a selfish, self-serving narcissist?

Should they support someone who consorted with porn stars, someone who brags about what he is able to “get away with” with women? Someone who lies with reckless abandon? This is the kind of person Christians voted for in 2016, and we’re supposed to give him four more years?

Evangelicals tried to justify their vote in 2016 by saying that they weren’t voting for a pastor for president. But I seem to remember the criticism for Bill Clinton from these same evangelicals when it was revealed he had many of Trump’s same foibles in his life.

Hypocrisy doesn’t look very good.

Cameron Leroy Sprow



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