Electoral College no longer useful

The voting crisis is not being caused by President Donald Trump. Our founding fathers are to blame.

The 1787 Constitutional Convention totally rejected the idea, to allow the majority of people to elect a President.

The Electoral College started in 1804 and ensured forever, a person could lose the popular vote by millions, but still become president.

In 1804, there were only 16 states. Now there are 50. The Electoral College is out of date, scrap it and let the majority of Americans elect a president.

The majority does not rule in America. The president and 535 members of Congress rule. That is why no member of Congress ever loses a pay check or health-care coverage.

Mail-in voting and absentee voting are the same. The only people to use this system are those in the military, college students, travelers and the sick. Even during the pandemic, it should still be that way.

It seems odd that Trump is trying to kill mail-in voting, when inherently more Republicans vote by mail than Democrats.

The only way we can keep America from becoming an autocracy or dictatorship, is to have fair and honest elections, where the majority actually rules.

We must stop all interference in our elections, be it foreign or domestic.

Do you want to end up like Russia, China or Turkey? There are those in America who want this to happen.

Stop acting like Republicans and Democrats and start acting like Americans.

Dennis C. Shore



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