Early voting seems unconstitutional

Last time I checked, the Constitution establishes Election Day as the “first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.”

Election polls are close to each of us — in our neighborhoods. It is not a great chore to get there to vote.

Why do we have early voting? It doesn’t seem that the Constitution allows for that. I do understand absentee voting; I remember a couple of times I had to do this.

But regular voting by mail? And, how can the date of acceptance of ballots be extended beyond the normal date of Election Day, as established by the Constitution?

We’re all accustomed to showing IDs for many services, but why is it unthinkable to require IDs for voting? Even if someone does not have a driver’s license, photo IDs can still be easily acquired.

Voting is probably the greatest privilege we have in this country. It is our duty and obligation to vote, especially if we think a change is needed.

Please register, and then, please vote.

David Greenwood



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