‘Appointed prophet’ oversteps bounds

A paid advertisement appeared in the Mirror on Saturday, Sept. 12 titled “The decision.”

The writer was Dean Esper Jr.

In the ad, Esper proclaims that a vote for Donald Trump is mandated by Almighty God, Christ and enforced by the Ten Commandments, insuring ultimate victory.

His statement leads one to the conclusion that Esper believes himself to be the appointed prophet of God. He must also believe that he speaks directly to God, so as to know the will of the Lord.

I wish he would have explained to us how he communicates with God. Does he have a special iPhone connection with God’s phone, or does he have a burning bush in his backyard that will not be consumed by the flames?

I would also be interested in seeing the staff that the Lord gave him to do God’s will.

I would hope that when he lays the staff down before Pharaoh, it turns into a Republican voting ballot, which then consumes all Democratic ballots.

Perhaps he just needs to be referred to a good psychiatrist.

Paulette Jo Frederick



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