A more moral world is what we needed

It’s hard to fathom that capitalism needs to be defended. Recently, the Mirror published a letter whose thesis was capitalism is heartless and thus creates victims.

In our current culture, people claim aggrieved or victim status for a multitude of circumstances, some real and some perceived. To say that a financial system is capable of being heartless is not only inaccurate but denies the obvious role humans have in this.

People administering the system may or may not be heartless, but not the system itself.

The federal government as well as the state government were not created to be the arbiters of fairness or the nannies to tell us what is best for us. They are in place to safeguard liberty and freedom as defined by a written constitution.

Their role is to ensure that everyone has the freedom to not do whatever they want but to do what they ought.

Any of us that lived through the Cold War or watched the stagnation of the sympathetic “democracies” of certain European allies can easily recall the end results. When government and its leaders decide to take from one group and redistribute to another you not only stifle initiative but create the soft tyranny of low expectations for the group you are claiming to help.

The hubris inherent to those that believe they know best how to distribute wealth is stunning.

The question of raising up the human condition is a question of morality. It seems to have become accepted that morality flows from government.

In reality, morality flows from the belief that there is a power and purpose greater than one’s own. Basic morality demands, through an examination of conscience, that you cannot be indifferent to the suffering around you.

When we demand a more moral world we would see greater care for our fellow man.

Mel Kepner



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