Trump has shown us what he’s all about

Perhaps history can forgive those who voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

Trump made many grandiose promises of actions that would shake up the status quo and benefit the common man: steps that certainly have a populist appeal.

And previously not having been in the political spotlight, his shady past may not have been well-known by those who are inattentive.

His opponent, Hillary Clinton, had been unfairly characterized for decades, although as a former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State, she may have been one of the most qualified and experienced presidential candidates ever.

Now, however, after several years of the Trump tenure, we see the dangerous nature of this corrupt, racist, authoritarian narcissist.

His faults are far too numerous to be listed, but they are obvious and indisputable. So the question is how can anyone support this man now that his unfitness is well-documented?

Dwight Kennedy Sr.



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