Respect exceptions to mandate on masks

It astounds me how rude and ignorant the public is to those of us they assume are rude, selfish and ignorant.

What about you ask? Disability.

You mock us, give snide remarks and attack. You assume people don’t want to wear the masks, or are selfishly wanting to “kill everyone” (yes that has actually been said to me, among other verbal abuse).

Let me be clear: There are exceptions to the mask mandates. If you have a medical or mental reason, you are excluded. Period.

I am not required to tell you what, per ADA restrictions, I suffer from. I have shared with many my “whys,” and still I faced ridicule and attacks.

Imagine now being afraid to leave my home because when I wear the mask I may pass out from PTSD, which affects my breathing.

If I fall, I may reinjure my back/neck, knees, hips, etc. I sure can’t afford a trip in AMED.

You staring and degrading others based on these masks is inhumane and shows a lack of good breeding.

I have never demanded anything nor have I ever bad-mouthed anyone over this. I have been respectful to employees who have tough time on this. So I am done.

It is time for Gov. Wolf to stand up and ensure all know who is exempt before people start getting hurt or killed here in good old Pennsylvania.

I see stories all the time of people being attacked and harmed for this. Do your research. You only have rights until those rights take away or damage someone else’s.

Brenda Dick



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