Regardless of form, vandalism unacceptable

When is vandalism no longer a violation of local law?

If a young person, teen or preteen had written in chalk for a skate park on the walls of the courthouse, parents and children alike would be given some kind of reprimand.

As far as removing the chalk applied by adult women, rain is a vertical effect, not horizontal. Taxpayer dollars are used to remove the domestic abuse signage from the court house by county employees.

What happens next to get attention, desecrate or order the removal of the monument dedicated to law enforcement?

If the law has been broken, the legal action should be forthcoming. If not, radical crazies such as the antifa and Black Lives Matter organizations will have a field day spreading their hate and cultural change agenda.

Can’t happen in Hollidaysburg? Look at Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. The crazies on the radical left are everywhere just waiting for a relaxed or non-existent law and order situation. See above.

It is incumbent on law enforcement to respond to this vandalism, regardless if the material used was chalk. Otherwise, someone could conceivably get a pass by spray painting the courthouse because it took too long to get a dog license.

Bottom line: Give an inch and the crazies will take a foot or more. This vandalism was not a politically correct statement, rather an attention getting idea for what the three women, and I, too, agree, should be considered.

But do it the proper way, not defacing taxpayer owned property. To do nothing concerning vandalism would be hypocritical, and hypocrisy breeds hypocrites.

Romeo J. DeBartolome Jr.



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