One-size-fits-all rules are not suiting state

As I read the headline in the July 30 Mirror pertaining to the PIAA decision to not allow spectators at high school football games this fall, I was forced to think hard about what is going on in our society.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 issue in March, we have been told by our government, mainly at the state level, that we may not attend religious services, open our businesses and keep them open, that we must wear masks when in public and a host of other things.

As citizens, we all want to do our civic duty.

However, telling people in rural counties we can not see our children participate in events may be the last straw.

Our state government continues to use a one-size-fits-all approach to the COVID-19 issue and the PIAA is only an extension of the state mandates, knowing full well the governor’s office will target them should they not heed what that office wishes.

I believe we have all been too willing to accept a reduction in our civil freedoms. Now, I read that the governor wishes to start more strict enforcement of the mask requirement and that there will be criminal penalties if we fail to comply.

In New Jersey, the governor continues to change the rules for small businesses on his whim, which has resulted in small business owners being jailed for trying to make a living.

In Missouri, law-abiding citizens were charged with crimes for protecting their homes against a mob that was trespassing on private property.

These are not isolated incidents.

I see more and more law-abiding citizens persecuted and sometimes jailed while the far left and their cronies in power allow mobs to destroy federal and state property without consequence.

All of this tied together looks like it is the goal of some (far left Democrats) to break down our system of American life and replace it with something I do not recognize as my country anymore.

The only thing standing in the way of mob rule and of socialist governors imposing their will on small business and private citizens is President Donald Trump and the common sense he stands for in the White House.

Without him, going to Friday night games and working hard for a living may become a thing of the past.

Alex A. Priel III



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