November will bring turning point in history

Why is it that those seeking the opportunity to be free and make the most of themselves come from other countries to the United States when they get the chance? Why do the oppressed and downtrodden often risk their lives to come to our great country?

Is it because we are a racist, homophobic and white privileged country? No, it is not, because we are none of that.

We are nearing a turning point in history. In November, we will decide if we are determined to continue to be the land of opportunity or if we will elect those that wish to bring us Marxist and socialist, utopian ideas that have failed everywhere that they have been instituted.

The danger is real, and we must take action to enlighten friends and relatives and anyone else within our sphere of influence that is not aware of the consequences of voting for Joe Biden or not voting at all.

Biden is nothing more than a puppet candidate for individuals and groups that wish the end of the United States as it was founded.

Do we wish to have a country where you could lose you job for expressing your opinion if you disagree with the woke crowd?

With radical appointees that he has stated will be part of his cadre, Biden will set forth upon a quest that will destroy the energy industry and by doing so the rest of the economy. Not to mention the forthcoming efforts to restrict or eliminate second amendment rights.

Having thrown in with the defund the police crowd, he will open the borders and abolish ICE so the massive influx of illegal invaders will have free reign.

Hopefully, we as a country have not devolved into lemmings that will follow naive idealists into the abyss of history.

August Gatto



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