Local businesses should enforce masks

I am an area resident trying to support local businesses during this pandemic, but I’m finding this to be very difficult.

During the past week, I visited a local hardware store, and none of the employees were wearing masks. I went to a local boutique and heard the manager tell customers to enter the store “with or without a mask — however you are comfortable.”

I stepped into the lobby of a local car repair service, and none of the employees nor other customers had masks on in the small office space. This is a problematic situation for those of us coming from households with vulnerable family members.

We can’t support local businesses if they won’t protect us.

The Penn State students will be coming back to Altoona soon. I always enjoy seeing the students return.

This increase in shoppers will add to the possibility of spreading the coronavirus. I think that local businesses should either comply with the coronavirus mandates or be honest enough to post a sign letting customers know before they enter the business that masks are not worn/required.

This would help folks who want to avoid a high risk situation.

We can either shop in other stores that require masks or shop online. It would be great if area businesses that are compliant with the COVID-19 mandates would include that in their advertising.

I would love to support those businesses that are protecting vulnerable members of our community, and it would be a great convenience, too.

Antoinette Bilik



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