Gov. recommendation shouldn’t be binding

The governor’s recommendation to halt high school fall sports is not binding.

Our governor talks about his daughters competing in high school, and their senior year was not halted nor canceled. We only have one life to live and our seniors have only one time to fully participate in sports and other activities as seniors.

With masks and social distancing, parents and close relatives who can sit together as families of our seniors should also be allowed to watch the players play their last year of high school sports.

The PIAA needs to get on the ball and do what is right for this once in a lifetime chance to participate in high school sports as seniors. In an earlier letter, I had stated shutting down everything in the name of safety will be the biggest blunder and damaging.

Being an election year and Democrats wanting to regain power and move our country to a more socialist agenda, they try to dictate every aspect of your/our lives.

Only Democratic governors moved COVID-19 positive patients to nursing homes where the most susceptible contracted the disease and died — killing thousands.

It is with this major error that the average person would have known better. These patients died due to Wolf’s recommendation.

It appears to be complete ineptness in our leadership statewide for the most part. How long do we, as Pennsylvanians, follow?

It is time to reconsider and recommend a new state governor and other leadership positions.

Willard Thompson



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