Elected officials should focus on managing virus

In the July 20 Mirror, an article appeared titled “GOP mounts effort to curb Wolf.”

Once again, three of our state lawmakers — Sen. Judy Ward, Rep. Lou Schmitt and Rep. Jim Gregory — attempt to draw attention away from the crisis, the pandemic and their unwillingness to address them.

They focus on the governor’s emergency declaration powers, which the state courts have found to be constitutional.

Their real attention should focus on uniform testing on a mass scale and contact tracing, along with the mandatory wearing of masks in public. The ordering of wearing masks in public has been found constitutional in both state and federal courts.

The wearing of masks, uniformed testing on a mass scale and contact tracing have been found to be the only controls to slow the virus across the globe. By doing this, people can go back to school, work and most importantly save lives and slow the spread of the virus.

This would be the way to save the economy, while not at the expense of the lives of our loved ones.

The three state government officials mentioned above seem only to be concerned about the economy and not the lives of the people of Pennsylvania. This could make one surmise that they only represent the rich business interests and corporations of the state at the expense of the people.

This disconcern for the general population seems to emanate originally from the office of the president of the United States.

As my father’s generation used to say, “This is no way to fight a war.”

That generation fought fascism, but by no means did they vote for it.

Louis Anthony Mollica



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