Daily actions, masks show appreciation

Since the pandemic began, grateful citizens have found creative and heartfelt ways to show their appreciation for the front-line workers who provide essential services.

Through parades, gifts, nightly cheers and many other ways, we’ve recognized the sacrifices of first responders, law enforcement, medical personnel, grocery store workers, truckers … the list is long.

Let’s not forget the one thing we can do to show our gratitude every day: We can follow the recommendations of the medical experts to lessen the risk for these people who do so much for us.

We can wear our masks when shopping. We can avoid gathering in large groups indoors. We can practice social distancing, and we can wear masks when we are outdoors among people not from our household.

Every day we can make decisions about our behaviors based on our responsibilities to our community at large.

If each of us does his/her part to quell the spread of the virus, we can help to protect the lives of those who put their lives on the line for us every day.

Dana Lawlor



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