COVID-19 danger to kids exaggerated

We have been relying on data from the Center for Disease Control for our information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s look at it closely.

In Pennsylvania, as of Aug. 1, there have been 7,204 deaths attributed to COVID-19. The number of deaths of children from COVID-19 from Feb. 1 through July 29 is zero.

In the most recent year for which I could find data, there were 19 deaths in this age group from motor vehicle accidents in the state.

By extrapolating from national CDC data, I calculated that there are about 30 deaths by drowning of Pennsylvania children in a typical year. COVID-19 is significantly less dangerous to our children than cars and swimming pools.

The best study to date on children as transmitters was published in “Pediatrics, the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

It found “no documentation of child-to-child or child-to-adult transmission.”

Daniel DiLeo



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