After damage done, Wolf (finally) gets it

I am writing in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision to allow school openings to be a local decision.

For what appears to be a first for this administration, he has decided those closest to the situation may be able to decide the best course of action.

Local school boards and directors can now use the state and its agencies as resources to better make decisions for districts. I believe this is the role the state is best suited for.

In this capacity, the state can advise and guide those who are closest to the situation. When the state and its agents act in a dictatorial or unilateral manner, we have counties like Potter, Forest, Cameron or Clearfield having to live under restrictions better suited for counties like Philadelphia, Allegheny or Dauphin.

Governments in a republic such as ours were constructed so that the local governing bodies would be the largest influence on citizens’ lives. Local governments coming directly from the cities and counties they serve are in a better position to determine the needs of their areas.

Government works best when it is as local as possible.

In the course of this pandemic, we have seen the most distant governing bodies, that of the federal and state, usurp this notion and issue mandates in a one size fits all criteria.

While I have no doubts Drs. Fauci, Birx and Levine have a deep knowledge on these subjects, they are more useful as a resource or guide for decisions and not policymakers. If most of the decisions had been handled this way, we could have avoided the cries of playing politics and the skepticism that comes with it.

Now that the state has seen its way clear to let education professionals, in concert with their elected boards, make these decisions, it begs the question how much economic and social devastation could have been avoided if business professionals, restaurant professionals, churches and tradesman working in concert with their local leaders could have avoided the economic and social pain inflicted through some of the mandates handed down from Harrisburg.

Mel Kepner



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