Unmasked shoppers endangering others

I have become more and more frustrated as I do any shopping these days.

Lately, it doesn’t seem to matter what venue I go to. My goal, when I go to the store, is to go early (fewer people), go the correct direction in the aisle (marked on the floor) and avoid those that are not masked and/or going in the wrong direction.

The governor has ordered all Pennsylvania residents to wear masks in all public places. And yet, when I’m in the stores, 30-50% of people are without a mask.

My husband is an extremely high-risk individual, so I do the shopping and try to mitigate any exposure to him.

But then, I am forced to dodge all the people who refuse to respect other people”s “space.” I don’t know if the unmasked person I just passed has been exposed and potentially carrying the virus.

I don’t know if they have sneezed or laughed and therefore left their air droplets hanging for others to inhale or touch.

Shopping has become a frustrating adventure, playing dodge with the most uncaring and self-absorbed people.

What is so difficult about wearing a mask? You expect your doctor, nurse and dentist to wear one. Why can’t you?

How many doctors, scientists and health care professionals need to tell you to wear a mask? How many of our at-risk people are you willing to put in harm’s way? How many of your older family members do you want to risk? For God’s sake, and for all of us, wear a mask.

Gail Nedimyer



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