There’s nothing wrong with voting by mail

I strongly urge all residents/voters to ask your state and national representatives to support and vote to approve vote-by-mail for the November’s election.

There is no validity to President Donald Trump’s and others’ claims that vote-by-mail would result in election fraud — not to mention the ridiculous examples of possible fraudulent voting.

States that currently use vote-by-mail for every election have minuscule cases or attempt of fraudulent voting.

My son moved to Colorado in 2006 and registered to vote. Since registering he receives a vote-by-mail ballot for every election — state, national, and local municipalities. He has the option to mail the ballot, drop it a designated ballot boxes in the area or if he elects to vote in person at a poll in location.

No problems on the ease of participation in the electoral process.

In this Pennsylvania 2020 primary, I elected to vote-by-mail. After requesting the ballot on the state’s website, I received my ballot in the mail and reviewed all the offices on the ballot. There were some offices and individual that were not familiar to me. This gave me the opportunity to research these offices and make an informed decision.

Placed the ballot in the mail, done.

To ensure my ballot was received, I went to my voting place to see what my record indicated. Bingo again. My ballot was received, and the county records indicated that I had in fact voted.

Common sense tells me the vote-by-mail is vital for the survival of our democracy

Gary L. Schetrompf



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