Neighborhood dogs adjusting to virus, too

This is in response to the recent letter, “Owners of Frankstown Twp. dogs turning deaf ears.”

I have lived in the Brush Mountain/Church Lane area for over 13 years. During this time period, I have worked from home, thus I have a fairly good sense of the daily activities that occur in this area.

I feel what the previous writer is experiencing is due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Most families are home during the day now, working from home. More deliveries are being made on streets that typically did not have daily deliveries made on them. There are more walkers, more families outside, more activity occurring on streets that, prior to COVID-19, were silent during the day.

Due to this, dogs are barking. They are barking because they are hearing noises that they typically did not hear during the day.

If you are a walker during the day, and you do not like to have dogs barking at you, my suggestion would be to walk on a different street and not walk on Church Lane. There are many beautiful streets in the mentioned neighborhood to walk on.

I can assure that the owners of the dogs and the dogs themselves are just as frustrated by all the noise.

We are all experiencing the same COVID-19 difficulties as everyone else. We dog owners are not just sitting in our homes watching television and putting our dogs out to bark.

Families are doing the best that they can to juggle all the recent changes.

If you are hearing dogs barking at night, please know that this is due to the bear that has been wandering in the area of Brush Mountain and Stonehedge, or possibly the coyotes that have been spotted in Sylvan Hills and Brush Mountain.

It could also be in response to the uptick of strangers that have been seen on surveillance cameras wandering around the neighborhood at night along fence lines and in driveways. Or possibly the individual that has been throwing propaganda prints of anti-barking devices in neighborhood yards.

Dogs bark at what they perceive to be predators or potential threats.

My suggestion would be if you are a walker, change your route until the COVID-19 issues have been resolved. Or if you are a neighbor, be neighborly and go and speak to your neighbors.

Jane Adams



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