Masking up in public shouldn’t be optional

Gail Nedimyer had an opinion in the July 17 edition of the Mirror regarding the wearing of face masks, and I agree with her l00%.

As to those shoppers who say they have a medical condition that keeps them from wearing a mask, who knows if they are telling the truth? Maybe they’re telling a small lie simply because they don’t want to wear a mask.

And for those who really do have a medical condition that keeps them from wearing a mask, why should they be allowed in the store, putting other shoppers at risk? Surely they must have a relative or friend who could do their shopping for them.

Or why not try the curb-side delivery? You just order online and pick up your things at the curb, eliminating the need to go into the store.

I don’t especially like wearing a mask as I am extremely claustrophobic, and at times, I feel I can’t breath. But, I keep the mask on until I get outside and into my car.

It is going to take everyone of us wearing masks and maintaining social distancing to beat this virus.

One county in South Carolina told residents to “pray” the virus into submission. That’s OK as long as they don masks and maintain social distancing while they pray. If they believe in prayer, so be it. Maybe it will work.

But whether you pray or don’t pray, the only sure option of beating this thing is to listen to the medical experts. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Stay home unless you need to go out for food or medicine.

It isn’t that hard.

My husband and I go for walks around our neighborhood and always take a mask. We have stockpiled some books, puzzles and games so if this thing does make a comeback in the fall and we can’t get out that often, we will have something to hopefully keep us from getting cabin fever.

It won’t last forever, especially if we all do our part.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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