Dems responsible for this pandemic

Merriam Webster defines “pandemic” as a disease that affects a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally large proportion of population.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 inflicted over 500,000 deaths in the U.S. and 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control has admitted that their numbers are fraudulent.

They have been counting positive antigen cases as active cases.

In other words, if you were exposed to the virus at six or more months of age, didn’t know you had it and test positive now, you are being counted as an active case.

Several states — Virginia, Maine, Vermont, Texas and Florida — have admitted to this flaw and pledged to adjust their numbers.

Blue states have shown higher cases of COVID-19, and this could mean the mayors and governors are more incompetent, or are utilizing indefensible actions to increase the death toll.

Governors in Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania have ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients to their facilities. Let’s order farmers to house foxes in their hen houses and watch the results.

The proof in the pudding is that Gov. Wolf ordered COVID-19 patients into nursing homes only after Dr. Rachel Levine, the state’s secretary of health, moved her own mother to a hotel.

I guess her mother is more important than yours or mine.

Since this pandemic is more prevalent in blue cities and states, it is because it likes Republicans, or perhaps it is that Democrats are more incompetent in their governance or are involved in manipulating events to profit from a crises.

State legislators need to investigate.

In the meantime, I suggest we rename this event the DEM-panic of 2020.

Richard Tully



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