America must work to omit slave labor

A political ad blames Joe Biden for jobs leaving America and factories closing.

President Richard Nixon opened trade between the U.S. and China. China exported and imported little before this deal.

Nixon said, “This will create millions of jobs,” it did — in China.

Rich companies and individuals knew China was a slave labor country. They could pay Chinese workers pennies an hour with no benefits, instead of paying American workers dollars an hour with benefits.

President Donald Trump told American companies to bring jobs back. He and his daughter, Ivanka, have thousands of workers in slave labor countries. They have not brought one job back to America.

A letter in the Mirror told us not to buy anything made in China. Let’s include anything Trump and Ivanka have made in other countries.

China has all but destroyed our steel and textile industries. At one time, we were number one in the world. Now, steel is number six and textiles are non-existent. China has destroyed our appliance, clothing, electronics industries and more. They have cornered the market in rare earth minerals, wind and solar energy.

Once, we were number one supplying solar panels to the world. We lost that market to China, also.

Some foreign companies have come to America after getting huge tax breaks.

They did not hire thousands of workers for each factory, but hundreds because they install ultra-modern robots.

Before the pandemic, unemployment was at an all-time low. It looks good on paper, but most jobs do not have really good wages and benefits. Ivanka Trump’s solution is to “find another job.”

This comes from someone who has never worked a real job in her life.

The only way millions of jobs would come back, is if American workers accepted the way American companies treat slave labor — the way workers were treated in America early in our industrial revolution.

Greed by those in control of America has caused the demise of good paying jobs for American workers.

What’s the answer? I don’t know and neither does anyone else.

Dennis C. Shore



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