Whom do our elected officials work for?

I would like to express gratitude for President Donald Trump’s executive order designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.

In the past three decades, I have often worried about my children’s freedom, safety and capability to achieve financial well being — now even more than ever.

The economy has been destroyed, Americans are being beaten on the streets and God-given civil liberties have been stripped from the American people.

I have noticed the increased progression over the years of the government bureaucratic establishment, corporate goliaths and their lobbyists slowly forcing Americans into the abyss of communism.

We haven’t been free for a long time.

I am curious as to why Trump’s administration hasn’t actually slowed this progression. Behind ANTIFA, behind mass immigration, behind Planned Parenthood, behind restricting Americans of their very freedoms, one man’s name has been openly and in our face exposed.

That name is George Soros.

He mainly, in my opinion, among some others like Bill Gates, has been allowed to finance agencies and NGOs that literally want to totally subvert and enslave Americans.

My question is: Why have they been allowed to blatantly and openly destroy Americans lives?

I hear the talk about draining the swamp, but I haven’t actually seen one case of prosecution or jail for the criminals who run the swamp. Not one case.

What I have seen is Americans who have been mandated by politicians to wear masks, limit their speech, who are denied their right to assemble and worship without persecution and whose right to bear arms has been infringed.

I requested a written response from The White House to this concern.

I would also like a written response from our state and federal elected representatives who have been elected to curtail evil people’s evil actions against Americans citizens.

We’ve been strung along like cattle for too long, and we deserve answers now. We deserve action now.

John M. O’Brien



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