Stand against hate; focus on born, too

Every January, we witness people from our region unite and speak on behalf of the unborn and unnamed whose lives will be forfeited through abortion.

People from diverse religions, cultures and communities come together to speak on behalf of the unborn and the unnamed.

Work is set aside, buses are loaded, and arms are interlocked to unite and to speak on behalf of the unborn and the unnamed.

The value that unites this effort is the sanctity of human life.

We act with a shared belief that all human life has dignity and value, even the unborn and the un-named. Many who participate and proudly take the name of “pro-life” affirm that human life has dignity, value and worth because mankind was created in the image of God and bear his image.

Even the unborn and the un-named …

Shouldn’t we who are “pro-life” stand and speak for the born and the named?

The lives of the born and named have no less dignity, value and worth than those unborn and unnamed. These lives bore the image of God and so have eternal value and worth.

George Floyd.

Breona Taylor.

Philando Castille.

Read their names aloud. Affirm their dignity, value and worth.

They may not have shared our appearance, our race, our religion, our culture, or our life experience. They are members of a 400-year long list of fellow image bearers wrongly dehumanized and brutally murdered by white people like me.

This unjust, sinful reality deeply angers and sorrows me.

I must declare their murders unjust. I must grieve for their families. I must stand against the hate and injustice that dehumanized them, took their lives, and threatens their families and communities.

I must seek ways to affirm, to value, to protect and to celebrate the sanctity of human life.

Let us who are “pro-life,” thoroughly and consistently affirm the sanctity of all human life — the born and unborn, the named and unnamed.

The God whose image we bear expects nothing less of us.

Thomas Kurtz



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