Prevent hate groups from gaining ground

I’m writing to alert you to an alt-right movement that has permeated the country and here in Pennsylvania at the capitol in Harrisburg.

The “boogaloo bois” had an alt-right protest planned on June 8 in Harrisburg and have since had that protest canceled — thankfully.

It has been acknowledged the “boogaloo bois” organized the protest while directing peaceful George Floyd protesters to gather at the same event, possibly causing discord and chaos between the two groups, inciting violence.

The “boogaloo bois” have been cited across the country as an alt-right hate group and have been arrested in Virginia and Nevada, among other places across the country, igniting molotov cocktails and causing chaos and violence across the nation.

The FBI has acknowledged this group as provocateurs and outsider influencers in peaceful protests in support of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests.

It’s not only the “boogaloo bois” but “The Three Percenters,” “Identity Evropa,” otherwise known as the American Identitarian Movement, a Neo-Nazi group (according to the Southern Poverty Law Group) that are perpetuating hate in America and, I believe, here in PA.

We must stop these groups and prevent them from protesting and permeating their ideologies. Please call for an immediate investigation into these groups and prevent them from spreading their hate here in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Erica Parsons

State College


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