Police officers have earned public support

I can no longer remain silent on this subject.

My late father, Frank, spent more than half of his adult life in the selfless, loyal service of law enforcement.

First, he was an MP in the Army (with several months of military police training) with a deployment to Korea, followed by police academy training here at home (training again for several months), along with untold evenings spent doing night classes after working his day job as a meat cutter at a local supermarket, in order to successfully obtain his degree in criminology.

That was followed by many yearly trainings.

There are many police officers out there with similar backgrounds in training and education that amount to way more than most high school and Vo-Tech occupational programs.

My father spent many hours away from his family serving his community, crawling out of bed at 2 a.m. to be at the scene of a car/train wreck to find the car driver decapitated, or to calm down a domestic violence situation or to enter a home where the occupant couldn’t be reached — only to find them dead at the bottom of the stairs from a fall and broken neck with half their face gone because of the cat eating it.

I could go on and on.

These are the types of daily occurrences that our police officers go through, plus many more. But yet, I am seeing all this stupid progressive rhetoric calling for the disbandment of the police.

If that happens, who are you going to call when the sex trafficker steals your small child in the store you are shopping in, or when criminals enter your home to do you harm and steal your rightfully owned possessions and money so they can buy drugs and illegal weapons?

Maybe you can call the hipster down the road with the skinny jeans and man bun to protect you, your property or to get your child back.

Or call your friend who stood beside you at a protest screaming “defund the police.”

What happened to George Floyd was wrong and should not have happened, but 99.9 percent of police officers out there are good people just doing the best job they can because they have a passion to serve and protect their communities, just like my father.

One of these days, I hope people criticizing the police will actually be in need of the police officer they so sorely detest, and I sincerely hope that they will still be there and willing to assist in a time of need.

God bless our police officers.

Lori Heldibridle



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