No masking reality: Virus isn’t behind us

My husband and I just came back from Walmart and Sam’s Club and were astonished at how many people were not wearing masks.

We hear on the news every day that states that have reopened have experienced a significant resurgence of COVID-19.

Just because they have reopened does not negate the necessity of social distancing and the need to wear a face mask. It is just simple logic. If everyone does not follow the guidelines, the virus will continue to thrive.

What about this is so hard to understand?

If these people who refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing are taking their cue from President Donald Trump, what happens if he becomes infected with COVID-19? What will their response be to that?

He is having everyone who attends his rallies sign a waiver that holds him and his administration blameless should any of these people get infected with the virus.

These people will be grouped together like sardines and not wearing masks. The possibility of one or more of them becoming infected is probably close to 100%. And as we have heard from the experts, one infected person can infect 10 more. And the cycle goes on and on.

A close friend thinks that the virus was invented just to keep Trump from being reelected and that come November, the virus will suddenly disappear altogether. He is obviously a Trump fan, but remains my friend nonetheless.

That being said, how do you explain what is happening in other countries that are now having the same drastic results because they opened too soon? I don’t know how anyone can follow all the statistics and not believe that this killer virus is for real.

At some point, there will be a vaccine to cure the virus but unfortunately, there’s no cure for stupid.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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