Local police protect us, deserve a thumbs up

Given my years of experience interacting with local and state law enforcement as an elected official, founder and chairman of the Blair County Drug and Crime Awareness Committee and presently a “Neighborhood Watch” member, it’s clearly displayed to me that we, the law abiding, God-loving citizens of Blair County are extremely fortunate.

These dedicated individuals, most of them just like us — mothers, fathers, proud individuals — report to work each day not really knowing if they will return home at the end of the day.

Let’s take a minute and reflect back to how fortunate we are in Blair County because of our outstanding police.

They responded to the drive-by shootings in the city in the late 1990s. They respond in force to remove the drug dealers from our streets. They respond to domestic abuse calls and home invasion calls, never really knowing the end result of the call.

I know that the silent majority in Blair County feel the same way that I do — the feeling of being very fortunate and blessed that when we pick up the phone and call 911 that we have some of the most trusted and dedicated individuals on their way to help.

It’s my hope that we, the law-abiding citizens of Blair County, the silent majority, show our support for our law enforcement in uniform.

How do we do this? Next time you see a police officer in uniform, simply give them a big thumbs up.

God bless America.

Jerry Fulare



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