Ebensburg parade spoiled by flag

Ebensburg Borough leaders and organizers of the annual Memorial Day parade owe its residents an apology.

As we saluted local veterans and waved at fire trucks rolling through town, the parade was spoiled by a man riding in his tractor, proudly displaying the Confederate flag.

Perhaps even more shameful is that few of my neighbors appeared bothered by it.

Why did organizers allow this man to take part in a day that is supposed to celebrate our war heroes? It’s not patriotic.

Chances are our ancestors fought, and may have died fighting, against that flag.

The confederate flag is nothing but a sign of hatred, and it’s time more people speak out against it.

The flag should not hang from your home or the back of your pickup truck.

Ebensburg is a beautiful community. We have ordinances that prohibit high grass and junk cars.

This kind of trash has no place in our town.

Chris Miller



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