Confederate flag support hypocritical

I have a few questions for those defending the Confederate flag being proudly displayed at a local parade.

Do those of you “celebrating” the heritage of the Confederacy know anything about its history?

What part of the Confederacy’s heritage are you celebrating? Are you celebrating their war against America, the country you adore? Are you celebrating their fight to maintain slavery, the focal point of their rebellion?

Or is it simply, as Patti Bagley pointed out, to defend First Amendment rights? If so, would you feel the same way if an Islamic flag had been displayed at that parade? How about a flag insulting your religion? A flag praising Satan?

Those defending the Confederate flag seem to be the same individuals who claim they would do anything for their country, yet they won’t wear a mask, when requested, during a pandemic.

Patti Bagley claims they have “friends who are Black” as her husband shouts at an African American woman that her “people” are killing each other.

The hypocrisy among some in this nation is quite alarming.

Anthony Green



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