Wolf’s patience shows leadership

Mayor Goodman of Las Vegas offered up Las Vegas as a control group.

Did she ask any of her constituents how they felt about this? The governor of Georgia opened up a lot of businesses that require close contact.

Does he realize that he is opening up his state as a control group, too?

I am glad that the governor of New York and Gov. Tom Wolf have taken a more serious approach to the virus and to the welfare of the people of both New York and Pennsylvania.

Looking at the map of Pennsylvania, you can readily see how the virus has spread due to people travelling from affected areas. With that in mind, can one imagine what the effects would be in opening up a gambling mecca and close contact businesses without regard for public safety?

The mayor of Las Vegas and Georgia’s governor need to think twice about offering up their constituents as control groups when we already know that this virus is dangerous.

I am glad to live in Pennsylvania and to have a governor who considers the welfare of his constituents to be of the utmost importance.

Gwen Black



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