When confronting virus, consider your neighbor

One really has to wonder about the mentality of those protesting against the stay-at-home orders.

They carry all kinds of signs, spouting “freedom” while they have their rifles slug over their shoulders.

It must not register with them that the ability to march into a state office building carrying an assault rifle is the ultimate definition of “freedom.”

And what, exactly, do they plan on doing with the guns? Are they going to shoot the virus? Their freedom to ignore social distancing and refusal to wear a mask does not negate the freedom of others to do just the opposite.

If they want to completely disregard the possibility of contacting the deadly virus, that’s their choice.

However, do they ever stop to think about how many family or friends or even total strangers that could be infected if they, themselves, unknowingly carry COVID-19?

Playing Russian roulette with their own health is one thing, but they should have enough human decency to think about others who are smart enough to see the threat. Do they think making themselves or others critically ill just to prove a point makes them heroes?

Personally, I will entrust my life to science, not politics. I would ask everyone, please have a care for others.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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