Trump ought to stop casting blame on Obama

Every day U.S. citizens are being lied to by our unworthy president and those inept people, Fauci and Birx excluded, with whom he surrounds himself.

One could fill a book with the numerous untruths and excuses they spew to the public.

What is pathetic and unbelievable is that about a third of the American people are duped by these falsehoods.

However, it is incredulous to see the number of times President Donald Trump puts the blame on his predecessor, Barack Obama. His excuses are filled with lies and inaccuracies.

About the U.S. stockpile of medical supplies, Trump claims the “cupboard was bare” when he took office. That is not true.

The more important point is over the three years he was in office before the virus struck, what did he do to address the faulty situation? Nothing.

In fact, he dismantled the department which was to address pandemic situations. Also, he carelessly disregarded a 65-page manual that the previous administration had devised.

This manual was a road map on how to address a pandemic.

If the cupboard was bare — as he lied to us — why did he not restock the medical supplies and follow the manual that was left for him? Common sense tells us that if you get a car whose gas tank is empty, you would refill it. It is your responsibility, not the former owner’s.

However, this President lacks common sense and leadership. He takes no responsibility and lies to cover his ineptitude.

William J. Padamonsky Sr.



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