Time to admit it: ‘King has no clothes’

When I saw the headline “Hospitals critical of state response” in the May 18 Mirror, I thought, good, here’s someone in health care leadership who is criticizing Gov. Tom Wolf’s draconian lockdown that is devastating our state.

How naive of me to think that was what the article would be about.

The health care CEO was only complaining about not having enough taxpayer money to keep his people employed and the hospitals afloat. They never mention where the money should come from, with millions of Pennsylvanians out of work and unable to pay taxes.

It would be refreshing to hear some criticism of the unnecessary shutting down of our entire economy, including banning so-called “elective” medical procedures, which itself is and will continue to be problematic, possibly deadly, for thousands of Penn­sylvanians.

Businesses and residents must determine for themselves what levels of precautions they will take to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of their customers. If you don’t feel safe patronizing a business, go somewhere else.

We cannot micromanage every citizen’s life from Harrisburg or Washington, D.C.

You will have to determine what level of risk you are willing to assume in your life, as you do every time you get into a moving vehicle, for example.

Life has inherent risks; exposure to the Wuhan virus is another we will have to consider.

It is time to say “the King has no clothes.”

Open up Pennsylvania, and let people get back to work.

Lois Kaneshiki



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