The blessing of charter schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of comprehensive online learning programs such as the ones that have been offered by public cyber charter schools for many years in Pennsylvania.

My children both have disabilities.

In an ideal world, our local school district would be able to offer the support, safety and flexibility they need to succeed. However, my experience showed that this was not the case. So we decided to make our taxes work for us and enrolled them in a public cyber charter school.

It was the perfect fit for them.

That’s why I find it unbelievable that Gov. Tom Wolf and some state lawmakers want to cut funding for cyber school and special education students who attend public charter schools. We are proof that charter schools work.

There is no surprise why thousands of families want more educational options, not fewer, for their children.

If these funding cuts are enacted, it would make it harder for families to get the right educational opportunity for their children.

Charter schools already receive an average of 25 percent less per student than school districts. These cuts would make it worse, treating my children and their charter school peers as second-class citizens.

How students learn has changed dramatically during this pandemic.

State lawmakers should recognize those changes when considering cutting funds for charter schools and forcing families back to their school districts.

Kelli Gill



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