Tea Party’s silence is speaking volumes

In less than 10 years, we need a second stimulus.

The first one resulted in the Tea Party raising the roof from coast to coast, even though it kept us from going into another depression and actually made a $15.3 billion profit for the Treasury Department, when all the loans were paid back.

Now, we’re going to give big and small businesses almost four times that amount, and most of the loans will be turned into grants and forgiven. I thought when the Tea Party heard that, all hell would break out.

Wrong, they disappeared into the woodwork — not a sound, not even a peep.

They were conspicuous of their absence. I even Googled them to see if they still existed. They remind me of the NRA after a mass shooting of a bunch of little kids, they hide and don’t reappear for a month or so.

As for the part of the stimulus that deals with the coronavirus, I’m all for that, or more if necessary for it to end.

My original opinion of the demonstrators was they’re just mad about losing the election to Barack Obama, who is now eating off the White House china.

After not hearing a word about this stimulus, I think my first assessment was spot on.

Charles Hogan



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