Sweets for the sweet? Recipe went overboard

I usually read over the recipes in the Mirror and have prepared several in the past and have been pleased.

Today, my jaw dropped and my eyes bulged as I read a bar cookie recipe.

For just an 8“x8” dish, it called for a cup each of dark brown sugar, butter, chopped toffee bars, then one-half cup of white sugar, chopped chocolate and of course lots of white flour.


I can think of only one person who can eat this horrific amount of calories without consequences. I’m disappointed that this was offered as a “sweet treat” in your paper. My definition of a sweet treat is fresh pineapple, raspberries, mangos, etc.

The quality of our lives are the sum total of the daily choices we make.

JoAnn Johnston


(Editor’s note: The recipe in question made 25 servings.)


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