Socialism on display in the Trump era

The last couple of months, writers have been demonizing the word socialism like it was very dangerous and would end our country as we know it today.

What they don’t realize is that this country is a democratic/ socialistic country.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, plus President Donald Trump’s bailouts of western farmers of over $20 billion because of his reckless trade war and his latest stimulus checks, are all examples of socialism.

I’m sure these writers will not squabble when it’s their turn to collect their Social Security, Medicare or their stimulus checks.

On another subject, one writer stated that the coronavirus was being blamed on Trump.

Trump is not at fault for this latest virus, but it’s his fault for how it’s presently going. First, he ignored it, then he said it was a hoax, next it was the Democrats’ scheme to weaken his re-election efforts.

When people started dying in massive amounts, he finally started paying attention.

In 2018, he abolished the pandemic department that three previous presidents started and expanded to fight these international viruses. Trump stated that he got rid of this department to save money.

How much money is he saving now?

So far, with Trump’s slow response and incompetence, the country has surpassed 80,000 deaths and over 30 million jobs lost. Is this part of Trump’s campaign of making America great again?

One writer constantly criticizes Joe Biden as a fool. Well, get ready: He’s going to be your next president.

We’re getting rid of the lying fool in the White House in November. Trump has done more damage to our country than the last five presidents combined.

Martin P. Baronner



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