Scientific approach must be paramount

I am a proud Army Medical Corps veteran physician and a long-standing member of the Pennsylvania medical community. My voting pattern has been reliably Republican for 40 years.

It is extremely important to me that our commonwealth government continue to defend our citizenry from the dire effects of the COVID-19 pandemic while engaging in maximum efforts to support our most economically vulnerable brethren.

It must be understood, the regions which are experiencing low levels of COVID-19 infection for the time being are directly benefiting from early phase shutdown prior to significant presence of the virus in these communities, a benefit denied to the early outbreak locales throughout the nation due to inept federal management of the pandemic in January, February and early March.

Those delays clearly resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths nationally, cost trillions of dollars and resulted in a much steeper, deeper and prolonged economic downturn. Irresponsible measures by our government officials now will undo the benefit these less affected regions are currently enjoying.

Furthermore, as a member of the vulnerable “baby boomer” generation, I do not appreciate a cavalier, unscientific approach by politicians to “reopen” the economy which treats death in our cohorts as “acceptable losses” in service of their political agendas.

Those politicians who do prefer tactical popularity in the short term to strategic, moral, responsible service to the commonwealth and the republic will surely pay the political price soon.

Hopefully mature, adult leadership will replace gun toting mobs before the course of rational decision making is completely subverted around the nation.

Michael E. Shivers, MD



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