Schultz shouldn’t wonder why she gets hate mail

I am writing in response to a April 21 column written by Connie Schultz titled, “Hate mail just keeps coming.”

After reading the article several times, she presented plenty of information that she is indeed a Trump hater. She claims, “I don’t hate Trump. I hate what he’s done to this country.”

She must then hate the fact we had the lowest unemployment coupled with the highest employment and best growth in 50 years.

Schultz must be blaming the condition of the country in last two months on the president. That is the result of the corona­virus, which is the sole responsibility of the Chinese government.

The remainder of Schultz’s column shows her hate or at least a very strong dislike for President Donald Trump. Such as:

— The president refuses to wear a mask. I haven’t seen any of the task force wear a mask; thus they refuse also.

— Too many lives lost by Trump waiting too long. All lives lost lies squarely on China for lying about the person-to-person transmission, then waiting to report true facts to the WHO.

— Schultz contends most of us know Trump is the most dangerous man to inhabit the White House. Define “us.”

— Trump is accused of using task force briefings as campaign strategy. If Schultz watched closely, that briefing was a factual timeline of the action the task force had taken since learning of seriousness of virus.

Schultz makes accusations that countless people needlessly dying are invisible to the president. Actually, he and the entire task force consistently expressed their grief over the deaths as they kept infections and death statistics.

However, she is correct about countless deaths that will occur with almost invisibility. Those deaths will be concurrent with the pandemic statistics and may outnumber them.

The abortions of our fellow innocent American baby girls and boys will routinely be administered during the same time. Yet, while the pandemic will end, the abomination of abortions will continue unnoticed by many.

There will be no national or worldwide mourning for their lost lives.

Schultz’s article is centered on hate, and it is clear to me that there exists no stronger hate than that which takes the lives of the most innocent and defenseless. Abortion is the epitome of hate.

Terry Bills



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